Today, J-K Network took a significant leap forward and brought bilingual recruitment to the next level. Already awarded as the Philippines top vendor and top job provider, we still thrive to be the no. 1 preferred partner of job hunters and companies.

The quality of what we do is the heart of our mission and vision. We aim to passionately serve our partner’s recruitment needs faster in high-caliber service at the most competitive rates.

At J-K NETWORK, we always find ourselves challenging the norms. We are reshaping the face of recruitment to adjust with the emerging trends of the growing market in different industries.

Our ultimate goal is to maintain strong partnership with our current and future clients by providing upgraded services that are aligned with any company’s standards. We ensure that we are true to our words by dedicating trained, skilled and professional teams to handle the requirements by providing friendly and customer-centric approach. We are aiming to further help enrich the society by showcasing the world class manpower and workplace of the Philippines.

Our people are our intellectual assets. We invest in employee coaching and training to build an extra ordinary empire of employees who provide right jobs that change every job hunter’s lives.

We don’t just give jobs for the sake of jobs. We go the extra mile and see it that every jobseekers land the job they aren’t just qualified in but would also be happy to be in. So for all who trusted, trusts and will trust us, we can only guarantee you that your confidence is in the right hands. Let’s all change the world together not by changing this place we live in but by finding the right place we could live in through satisfactory jobs and excellent talents.

Javetta Base
J-K Network Services


To be the leading recruitment company in the Philippines, not only for Multi-linguals but also for non-multilinguals, across different positions and industries.


Driven by Speed, Integrity and Excellence, to be the best Multilingual Recruitment Company of choice across all languages, nationalities and industries.

Our Company's Character


Name: Gimmy Jobs
Gender: Unknown
Nationality: Citizen of the Universe

Gimmy is introduced in 2020, Our adorable and happy character represents our passionate recruiters especially during pandemic.
Gimmy's pure heart to help is shown on his white color
Gimmy has wide eyes showing interest to every job hunter
Gimmy's smile provides calmness and relaxation to every struggling job seeker
Gimmy's open arms are welcoming applicants of all languages and nationalities

J-K Network's DNA is shown on our Logo

Rubiks is a combination of different colors which represent applicant individual difference
in terms of nationality, color, languages and personalities,

In Rubiks, We match the color to solve a puzzle.
We match people and jobs to satisfy our clients and applicants.
We match our applicant's profile and client's preferences.

Like In Rubiks, we move with patience, focus and goal oriented actions
to ensure that proper matching is done to meet our customer's fulfillment.



J-K Network was founded in 2013--- a time when careers for language speakers in the Philippines are just beginning to flourish. Less than a year later, we were awarded by the biggest BPO in the world as their most valued partner for being able to provide a huge number of Bilingual Talents to complete the latter’s Philippine team. In the same year, J-K Network was also able to assist one of the world’s biggest BPO company in putting up their pioneer account of 40 Korean speakers. J-K’s wide network of over 70,000 Bilinguals give companies a lot of chances to arrive to the best profiles under any language, background and expertise.

Awards from different firms, and even from the Philippine’s top Job - posting site followed in consecutive years. J-K was recognized for being one of the Philippine’s fastest growing firms and a company with most jobs offered in 2018. Up-to date, J-K has already provided 8500+ jobs to Bilingual speakers of different languages, and has assisted more than 600 international and global firms listed in the Forbes and Fortune 500 list of Global companies.

J-K Network is partnered with close to 700 Global and International Firms. This network brings about thousand jobs for different language speakers, from Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian and other Asian and European Language Speakers.

With more than 9 years of expertise in Multilingual recruitment and being one of the pioneers in the industry, J-K Network already has the advantage in finding Bilinguals, jobs that change lives for the better.

J-K’s wide network of over 70,000 Bilinguals give companies a lot of chances to arrive to the best profiles under any language, background and expertise.

Company Name: J-K Network Services
Location: Unit 5-QRST, Crissant Plaza Bldg., 272 Commonwealth Ave., Old Balara, Quezon City, Philippines, 1119
Telephone: (02)-8245-2829
Website URL:
Capital: PHP 10, 000,000.00
Establishment: February 2013
Licenses: DOLE PEA License Number: M-22-02-040 issued 2022.


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For Employers: | 09176381951
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