J-K Network Services is a multilingual recruitment company based here in the Philippines. We are not an agency. It is for direct hiring - We are working as HR Arm of different companies in the Philippines. We will not deduct any amount of money from our candidates. Our service is for FREE. You will be directly hired by the employer.

Yes, our service is for 100% FREE. This is a free and no salary deduction. If you get hired through J-K Network Services, you don’t need to pay us any placement fee or recruitment fee.

Yes, one of our very special offers is helping our candidate make a resume. highlight their strong points and make an organized, detailed and very clear resume where it will enhance their strong points, highlight their skills and give clients a summary of their work experience. We help our candidates by guiding them on how to properly make a very professional resume.

Our company is a recruitment company. We give jobs to foreigners or Filipino bilingual who would like to work in the Philippines for free, however we have a sister company which is an English Center who can help you master your English as early as 1 to 2 months. We can recommend you to this company and eventually offer you a list of job openings after your graduation.

Yes, we help you complete your pre-employment requirements in the Philippines by guiding you on how to get it and how to process it. We will also inform you of your basic requirements before coming to the Philippines. We will help you find accommodation and apartment here in the country based on your preferences, style, budget, location. We will be giving photos for your reference.

Yes, don’t worry, we have a special offer where we can provide you with the possible job openings for you and don’t be pressured, you don’t need to apply for jobs if you are not ready yet. We will do career bilingual consultation for free where you can ask unlimited questions about the job openings without applying for it. We will be waiting until you are ready to apply. Feel free to inform you if you would like to know our monthly job openings through free subscription.

We do have clients who can accommodate candidates located abroad and they could do the interview via skype or any platform but remember most of our job openings are in the Philippines. Many companies can interview you online but you need to be in the Philippines to work unless the client gives a special exemption for you to work while in Japan or foreign country. Many companies can give you job offers and invite you to the Philippines to start working which means you can apply while in Japan and start working once you arrive in the Philippines. Yes! hassle free job hunting.

The recruitment process depends on our client company but we schedule you for an interview as soon as possible. There are companies who can give you a job offer within a day and there are some where it would take around 1 week, 2 weeks or even longer. The speed of the interview process depends on the position, company process and of course your availability, rest assured that our recruiter will explain the process to you during the interview so your expectation will be set.

If you are interested in applying for our job. Please send your resume to our email address jkmanpower@jp-network-e.com or you may register on this link for quicker and faster response https://jknetwork-jobs.com/register Once we receive your application, we will surely contact you via email, on your mobile. We will schedule you for an interview based on your convenient time and your preferred medium communication whether it's Skype, Messenger, KakaoTalk, Viber, Over the Phone or any social media platform. We will be doing an interview to ask your interest, Job preferences and your skills and language ability. We will also share with you the job openings on the interview.

For interviews with our recruiters, we normally do it through phone, skype or any other mode of communication which is convenient for our candidates.

Our company is operating 5 days a week or with special cases but you may send your resume on weekends and we will be calling you as soon as possible. If you need urgent concerns, please call our hotline so we can prioritize your concerns.

Please let us know your most preferred language for the interview so we can inform our bilingual team. We have Filipino and foreign speakers who can explain the job openings to you, we will be very happy to assist you. If you speak basic English, please don’t worry because we have jobs that don't require the English language as long as you know basic English to talk to other Filipinos.

J-K Network Services is currently partnering with more than 800 global and international companies from different industries such as BPO, Information Technology and Communication, Research, Financial, Accounting, Hotel, Resort, Casino, Manufacturing, Automotive, Airlines, Banks, Insurance, Administrative and Support Services, Health Services and many others. Our candidates will have a wide range of choices in what career field they would like to take. We have several job openings based on your skill set, qualification and profile. Please send your resume so we can send you the full list of openings based on your resume.

We have different types of jobs whether permanent and part time, we also have work onsite and work from home. We highly suggest you send your resume and ask our recruiters about the job openings. We will surely take note of your preference and offer you the jobs based on your profile and preferences. Occasionally, we do have openings for home-based posts however most of our openings are for office-based posts. It’s better to coordinate with the recruiters to be updated on our openings. Check our website for the email address

Our company has around 1000 to 2000 job openings monthly. We have jobs for customer service and we have several job openings that are back office or don’t require speaking the language and doing customer service. We have different types of job openings in different industries like Admin, HR, research, Customer care, technical support, management, leadership, finance, accounting, English, Translator, Interpreter, Developers, engineers and several more openings. we highly need a big number of applicants every month

We have jobs not only in Manila but around the Philippines, but majority of our job openings around 95% is located in Metro Manila and Calabarzon because these are business areas of the Philippines where many companies decided to expand the business so we have job openings located in Metro Manila cities and other provinces, we will be very happy to discuss the job openings based on your location preferences

We have 800 clients we are working with and our clients are part of Fortune 500 companies and Forbes list. Our client companies are from different industries and still increasing. Some of our clients are from BPO, information Technology, Hotel, Resort, Casino, Airline Company, Banks, Finance and Accounting, Retail, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Shared Service, Education, Automotive, Research, Pharmaceuticals, Beverage, Wellness, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Logistics, Car Manufacturers, Gaming and many more.

We have several openings which do not require English but we also have certain jobs where English is important. We normally assess your English through an interview and offer you jobs that are within your English fluency. If you do not want to use English at work, please inform our recruiter so we will give you jobs without High level of English

No, we do not require any certificate in languages, you may apply even without a diploma or certificates, we normally conduct our own assessment to check your language fluency and guide you to get a job based on your level of fluency. We do our own language assessment for free. (This is only for applicants)

We have several openings for candidates without or with work experience. We have job openings that don’t require any work experience but we also have jobs with strict requirements. Our recruiters will match your profile to our job openings. We can give you a list of openings based on your experience. We also have jobs for fresh graduates or first-time bilinguals.

Yes! If you can speak Japanese but cannot read and write, you may apply. If you can write Korean but cannot speak, you may apply. If you can speak Mandarin but cannot read and write, yes you may apply. We have jobs that don’t require any writing fluency. We can match your profile based on our client's qualification.

For entry level, the average salary for a Bilingual Speaker is from P 50,000 – P 150,000 monthly and may go higher depending on the skills, qualification and language proficiency of the candidate. Our Openings which require domains such as management, leadership, Law, finance, accounting, high level of technical and customer service, project management, IT or medical have higher salaries depending on the year of experience. It’s important that you send your resume with your experience indicated on the resume so we can match your qualification to our job openings.

Yes, our client companies are legal and they provide working visas for our foreign candidates. The working visa is free and processing is handled by the employer. you do not have to pay for a working visa because the client will process your tourist visa to work visa. You can also start working as soon as possible if the client will process your special work permit.


J-K Network Services is a Japanese multi-awarded company and the most trusted recruitment partner of more than 900 Global Companies in the Philippines for Bilinguals and Filipino Professionals. We have been awarded as a Top Bilingual Provider by Fortune Global 500 Firms for 11 years.

We do sourcing, head hunting, recruitment and direct placement. We offer a Japanese Quality Recruitment Approach and we have the fastest turnaround time for endorsements as we have the largest pool of Bilinguals in the Philippines with 100, 000 speakers of different languages.

Save money, save time because YOUR MANPOWER IS OUR TOP PRIORITY!

We have the largest pool of candidates for your hiring needs. We have 250,000 applicants in our pool. We were recognized with our capability to endorse qualified applicants within 24 hours. We can send unlimited candidates without a sourcing fee.

We have 900 client companies around the Philippines. We support all kinds of industries from BPO/Outsourcing, Finance & Accounting Firms, Information Technology (Hardware / Software), Shared Services, Manufacturing, Travel Agencies, Financial Technology, E-Commerce, Trading, Research, Online Shopping, Law Firms, Game Development, Online Gaming (MMORPG/CASINO), Hotel & Resorts, Food Industries, Logistics, Engineering & Constructions, Medical & Health Care and many more.

We can provide multilingual - foreigners and Filipino (Native and non-native) for different languages like:Japanese, Mandarin (China), Mandarin (Taiwan), Cantonese, Chinese (Fukien), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, other Asian and European languages. Name the language, we have it!We are the biggest supplier of Bilingual and multilingual in the Philippines.

We can support your manpower needs as quickly as possible using the biggest database of applicants in different skills, domains, experiences, location, age and genders. We are expert in providing Bilinguals for Customer Service, Technical Support, Administrative, Accounting, Logistics, Human Resource, Finance, Engineering, Real Estate, Sales & Marketing, Law, Research, Information Technology (Developers, Programmers, Designers, Database Admin etc.)

We can also provide the best talent for non-bilingual requirements with a field of expertise in the same position and industry with your company. We provide the following:

Bilingual Applicants, Executive Applicants, IT & Technical Applicants, Engineers and software developers, C level Executive Search

We have been awarded as the TOP VENDOR for entry level and top provider of technical and IT applicants. We have the widest range of Filipino talents from newly graduates to professionals, managers, directors and other specialized positions. We have a pool of applicants with experience in Administrative, Accounting, Logistics, Human Resource, Finance, Engineering, Real Estate, Sales & Marketing, Law, Research, Information Technology (Developers, Programmers, Designers, Database Admin etc.)

Yes! We have placed a lot of Bilinguals and Filipino professionals to our clients located outside Metro Manila such as Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Cagayan De Oro, Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Bulacan, Pampanga, Zambales and other places.

We can endorse and support companies in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Yes! We have a wide range of experience in closing volume requirements for Bilinguals. We have hired 30 – 60 bilinguals for Pioneer accounts of Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and many more. We have the fastest turnaround time.

Do not worry because we screen the candidate qualification based on your hiring requirements. We have Native experts that can do language assessment to ensure that the Non-native candidate can speak, read and write the foreign language you need. We have our in house assessor to ensure that our applicants are pre-qualified during endorsements.

We have the largest database of Bilinguals in the Philippines. We have Non-Native (Filipino Bilinguals) and Native (Foreigner) with Resident Visa in the Philippines. We can also provide working VISA consultation for your company if it’s going to be your first time to hire Foreign Nationals. We can assist you with some information on how to facilitate the visa processing

J-K Network Services expertise is headhunting, sourcing, recruitment and direct placement. Our license is DOLE PEA and it does not permit us to do contracting service where we can employ the candidate under us and process the payroll on behalf of our client.

We can do placement and recruitment but not contracting business. We have our Department of Labor and Employment license allowing us to legally do private recruitment and placement.

If you want to know more about our service, feel free to request a formal service proposal and quotation on the following details:

Email: jkmarketing@jknetwork-jobs.com | Mobile Number/Viber: (+ 63) 917 6381 951
Landline: (02) 8245-28-29 | Skype: live:jkmultilingual2017

We can also arrange a meeting on your most convenient schedule to further discuss our service and on how we can help you with your hiring needs.

We can also set-up a meeting on your most convenient schedule to discuss the partnership. Upon your signed confirmation on the terms of services we can already start sending you qualified applicants.

We can endorse applicants within 24 hours upon the receipt of the signed agreement. Signing the Service Agreement is FREE of charge. Our contract is also non-exclusive.

We are glad to know that you are expanding in the Philippines. We’d love to know more about this and offer you our FREE Consultation Service. We can further discuss how we can assist you with your corporate plans. Please send us a message on this email address:
Email: jkmarketing@jknetwork-jobs.com

We have these services that can help you hire the best talents for your company.

Language Assessment & General Testing Service – If you are hiring Bilinguals and you need a supporting document on the proficiency level of a Non-Native speaker, we assist you with your language assessment needs. We have Native assessor to check the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills of a Non-Native speaker of Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Spanish, French, German, Dutch etc.
English Language Training for Foreign Candidates – If you want to enhance the Business English communication skills of your expat hires, we are here to help. We have various English programs available.
Kindly send us a message on this email address to request for a formal proposal on any of these services.

Email: jkmarketing@jknetwork-jobs.com